12% + 1% refection in JEWEL for limited time!

Are you ready ?


- Add $AVAX to your MetaMask wallet on the Avalanche blockchain
- Go to TraderJoe and connect your wallet
- Raise your slippage to 20% - You can try to use a lower slippage and keep increasing
- Enter the amount of $MJEWEL tokens you’d like to purchase
- We’d recommend formatting it as 10,000,000.00 (for example if you'd like to purchase 10,000,000 tokens)

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhy can't I see my JEWEL earnings? ATo view your earnings please visit our dashboard. QHow much slippage? AWe recommend 17% or higher. QWhat are the tokenomics? AA 12+1% Reflection - 2% Marketing and Team - 2% Liquidity for a limited time